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推荐几个靠谱的买球网站 expands E15 availability through 19 additional fuel terminals

推荐几个靠谱的买球网站 Inc. will expand access to higher ethanol blend fuels by offering E15 through 19 additional fuel terminals.
Aug 2, 2021

ST. PAUL, MINN. (August 2, 2021) - 推荐几个靠谱的买球网站 Inc., the nation’s leading agribusiness cooperative, will expand access to higher ethanol blend fuels by offering E15 through 19 additional fuel terminals starting in early August 2021.  

推荐几个靠谱的买球网站 is registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as an E15 manufacturer and sells E15 as an approved grade of fuel through its Cenex® brand retail locations.  

推荐几个靠谱的买球网站 plans to offer E15 at the following Magellan terminals: Alexandria, Minnesota; Cheyenne, Wyoming; Columbia, Missouri; Des Moines, Iowa; Doniphan, Nebraska; Fargo, North Dakota; Grand Forks, North Dakota; Great Bend, Kansas; Mankato, Minnesota; Marshall, Minnesota; Mason City Iowa; Milford, Iowa; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Omaha, Nebraska; Rochester, Minnesota; Springfield, Missouri; Waterloo, Iowa. The fuel will also now be available through the Nustar terminal in Jamestown, North Dakota; as well as the 推荐几个靠谱的买球网站 terminal in McPherson, Kansas.  

In addition to these terminals, 推荐几个靠谱的买球网站 already offers E15 at 10 Nustar terminals and one 推荐几个靠谱的买球网站 terminal.  

“As the nation’s leading farmer-owned cooperative, expanding options for ethanol blended fuel is important for our Cenex brand retailers and our farmer-owners,” says Akhtar Hussain, director of refined fuels marketing, 推荐几个靠谱的买球网站. “推荐几个靠谱的买球网站 has always been committed to offering ethanol blended flexible fuels throughout its network of 1,450 Cenex brand retail facilities. We continue to demonstrate this commitment by working with our terminal partners to offer higher ethanol blends in a broader geography across the Cenex retail network.” 

To make E15 more accessible, 推荐几个靠谱的买球网站 has removed barriers for its Cenex brand retail locations by establishing an EPA-approved misfueling mitigation plan – the only refiner to do so – and establishing E15 as a qualifying grade of fuel. 推荐几个靠谱的买球网站 also owns two EPA-approved ethanol plants in Rochelle and Annawan, Illinois.  

推荐几个靠谱的买球网站 Inc. ( is a leading global agribusiness owned by farmers, ranchers and cooperatives across the United States. Diversified in energy, agronomy, grains and foods, 推荐几个靠谱的买球网站 is committed to creating connections to empower agriculture, helping its farmer-owners, customers and other stakeholders grow their businesses through its domestic and global operations. 推荐几个靠谱的买球网站 supplies energy, crop nutrients, seed, crop protection products, grain marketing services, production and agricultural services, animal nutrition products, foods and food ingredients, and risk management services. The company operates petroleum refineries and pipelines and manufactures, markets and distributes Cenex® brand refined fuels, lubricants, propane and renewable energy products.

For further information, contact Brittany Voss: (651) 355-4596,

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